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Episode guide

Chapter One: Party theme

Noa Takashishi is on her way to school worried about a test when she meets up with her best friend, Rumi Tendo. The conversation leads them to talking about Noa's parents odd behavior and worrying about what kind of theme Mr. and Mrs.Takahashi have planned For Noa's 16th birthday party.

Mean while, Keitaro Takahashi and Hinako Takahashi have a disagreement on Noa's taste in boys that leads them to a bet. The theme for Noa's birthday will be the purity of a girl's first love.

Noa's class has a new student, Rai Kang, who's Korean but has just transferred from an American school. The shy girl seems to have trouble speaking Japanese.

Mrs. Takahashi finds her candidate.

Chapter Two: The Candidates

Unknowing, Noa has met her mother's candidate, Kimoto Asagi. He offers to drive Noa home and they have a pleasant ride. However, when they reach Noa's house she requests to go to the park instead so she can take pictures. Kimoto complies and enjoys a conversation with Noa about her photography. When he gets a call on his Cell phone he has to leave on business. Noa says she wants to stay and she can walk home no problem. Kimoto objects at first, but finally gives in.

Not long after Kimoto has left Noa meets a boy named Shuichi Makino (Her father's candidate) who's skate boarding off of the slide and just having a good time on the other wise abandoned playground. They get into a conversation about pictures and Shuichi offers to take Noa to a really great place. Recklessly Noa goes with him thrilled at the chance to take a really magnificent picture and the bit of adventure that has just landed in her lap. Shuichi takes Noa into the city on his motorcycle and leads her to a roof top of his apartment. There, Shuichi skateboards on the ledge ignoring Noa's protests.

Mad at Shuichi, Noa leaves by herself holding her now broken camera. Freaked out when she realizes she's lost in the dark she runs to the first building that looks open. Inside is a quite young man who's working on getting the camera store closed. He sees the broken camera in Noa's hand and takes a look at it. Noa finds this young man with sad eyes mysterious and appealing. He gives her directions and she leaves happy to be able to come back in a few days.

Back at her house, Noa finds Rumi eating dinner with her parents and the two girls dash upstairs where Noa can tell Rumi everything. That's when she realizes she forgot to ask the man at the store his name.

(coming soon- I hope!)

Chapter Three: Friends Forever

Chapter Four: Tears And Hope

Chapter Five: Sweet Dreams

Chapter Six: Truth Revealed

Chapter Seven: Tangled Web