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Kimoto Asagi

Age: 16

During the story: Kimoto wants to be a normal kid, so when he meets Mrs. Takahashi she convinces him that the key to being an average boy is in dating an average girl. He's told that Noa, a girl from his school, has a crush on him but doesn't have the nerve to say so. Mrs. Takahashi wants him to charm Noa and just be a nice boy until she confesses her feelings by inviting him to her birthday party. Kimoto is in the hall when Noa gets sick and sent to the nurse's office. He takes her there and then after school comes back to check on her. He has his best friend to keep Rumi busy so he can aoffer Noa a ride home alone. The two go to the park and have a nice time talking when Kimoto has to leave due to a business phone call. He thinks she's a really sweet girl, but doesn't act as though she has a crush on him, however he concedes with Mrs. Takahashi's point that he doesn't understand girls. Kimoto is a very sweet, trusting, lovable guy, but he's also smart and knows how to handle business. In his attempt to be "normal" he joins all of the sports, but the only one he's any good at is basketball.

Background information: Kimoto Asagi comes from a long line of wealthy merchants, known as Keiretsu who specialized in Mitsubishi (banking and industry). When his parents died Kimoto inherited the whole business. He was young and everyone was trying to get a peice of the business and money for them selves. Finally at age twelev Kimoto took back controle and rebuilt up his families componies. Kimoto continued his education in the finest schools and lived a very hectic and lonely life. After reaching his breaking point Kimoto became sick and his classmate Shirai and shirai's mother took care of him untill he was well again. Now Kimoto just wants to live an average kids life for a while before he turns 18 and his childhood is really over. To start out his new life as an average kid, Kimoto moves out of his mansion and starts renting a condo, second he in roles at a public school, and thirdly instead of having his driver taking him everywhere he gets his licence and buys a sports car. Kimoto knows he's not living EXACTLY like an average kid does but he's trying his hardest. With Shirai's help the both of them go to school and attempt to blend in.

Expect more information and some fun stuff next month.