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Rumi Tendo

Age: 15 - 16

During the story: Rumi is Noa's best friend (has been since first grade) and is a little crushed to be in room A along with Asaba, Yoko, and Kimoto while Noa's in Room D. Rumi likes Rai and befriends her right away. Rumi thinks of Rai as a star in a novel. The sweet but shy heroine who's picked on just because she's a little different, but gets the attention of the hotty that all the other girls are after. Later when Rumi is trying to help Noa with getting rid of Kimoto, without hurting his feelings, she decides to introduce Kimoto to Rai and see if sparks fly. Rumi in one way or another is caught trying to pair all of her friends up, some are utter failures while others surprise everyone by working.

Background information: Rumi was born in a small town to middle class parents who, though she loves them like crazy, she can't help but think they're way too boring. Rumi and Noa live on the same street and they've walked to and from school together every morning since they were twelve. Rumi is a good listener and likes trying to help Noa out of her problems. She usually sums up all of Noa's woes in an attempt to help Noa think clearly enough to find the solution, but it always ends up sounding like a really wonderful story that Noa wants to know the ending to. It helps Noa laugh at herself and is a nice stress reliever, while Rumi gushes over wishing she had such problems and cool parents. Rumi loves a good romance story and just about every other week meets a boy that she thinks is "the one," only to be crushed when the guy turns out to be taken or just doesn't like her back. Out going and friendly she always manages to bounce back in record time, but Noa worries that some day Rumi will really have her heart broken if she's not careful.

Expect more information and some fun stuff next month.