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Shuichi Makino

Age: 19

During the story: In the park Shuichi is skateboarding, doing all kinds of cool stunts, when Noa shows up. The park is her favorite place to take pictures, when she sees Shuichi she thinks he's amazing and starts snapping away. When Shuichi notices her, he asks if she wants a really great picture. Noa says yeah, so he takes her to the roof of an old rundown apartment building. The birds eye view of the city is wonderful, but what Shuichi wanted to show her was him skateboarding on the edge. Noa thinks he's a little crazy and screams at him to be careful. Shuichi is the boy that Mr. Takahashi think's Noa would like; he's wild, rebellious, and in most girl opinion a hotty. Shuichi and Mr. Takahashi met when Shuichi wrecked his motercycle, Mr. Takahashi was driving by and offered to give Shuichi a ride home. Mr. Takahashi isn't in a very good mood, he's spent most of the day trying to find the perfect guy for Noa without any succes. After rambling on and on Shuichi finally tells Takahashi to shut up or pull over. Takahashi is only silent for a little while before he realizes Shuichi is perfect. But Shuichi isn't intrasted in flirting with a sixteen year old girl who can't find a boyfriend on her own, that is untill Takahashi offers to pay for having his bike fixed. Ecepting the bribe, Shuichi is interwoven into Noa's chaotic life.

Background information: When he was fourteen his mother became ill and was in the hospital, during her stay his father met Kosuke Iwata (Haruka's mother, a nurse). The thought of his father starting to date his mother's nurse before she was dead for a month caused him even more agony. Shuichi loved his mother a great deal and couldn't understand how his father could love his mother but remarry when she had just died. Mr. Makino bought a new house and expected Shuichi to call Kosuke "mom." For a while he rebelled by picking fights with Haruka and not doing what Kosuke wanted. At school Shuichi saw Haruke being picked on, he felt bad for all of the mean things he'd said to her and decided to intervene. Shuichi already had a reputation of a bad temper and when kids learned that picking on Haruka made him mad, they backed off. But at home Shuichi continued to rebel against Kosuke and to cause unrest between him and Haruka, it was his father's punishment for betraying his wife. Shuichi got into extreme sports and riding motorcycles, he became more and more rebellious and would do anything his father didn't want him to. When Kosuke becomes pregnat Shuichi drops out of school and leaves home. Eventually he moves into the spair room in Suoh's apartment.

Expect more information and some fun stuff next month.