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Extra, Extra!

Extra, Extra!
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These are all of the extra stuff I didn't know where else to put them. I may organize this into a few other pages, but for now it's all in here. If you have an idea for more extras be sure to e-mail it to me at


Check out Suoh's okcupid account, I'm making him take personility test and other stuff for fun.

Suoh's dayly rutine.
This information was kindly provided by Neko Hashira
Dream world:
What kind of dreams do they have? dreams that don't make sense, sad dreams . . . nightmares
Do they usually remember them? He tries not to
Do they care? Again, he tries as hard as possible NOT to think about certain things he dreams

First things first:
How do they usually wake up (On their own or by alarm clock)? He uses an alarm clock on weekdays, since he has to work
What mood are they usually in? He often slips into a mood of apathy - just not caring anymore.
How long do they lay in bed before getting up? Not too long. He opens his eyes, stares at the ceiling, sighs, and shuts off the alarm clock.
What do they usually think about when they first get up? Work, mostly

Getting ready for the day:
What’s the first thing they do when they get up? scrounge around for breakfast, kick Shuichi out of bed if he needs to be somewhere.
How are their morning hygiene habits? He's a very clean, together person . . . although he doesn't usually wash his face.
What’s for breakfast and how do they get it? Fish and miso soup. Or something from a convenience store. He does all his own shopping and cooking.

Facing the world:
What’s their job or occupation? Kusinagi's Camera's
How do they feel about it? At first, it was a way to keep his mind off of things . . . but he does actually enjoy administration and running the business. And the money's not all bad, either.
Are they punctual? Well, he's the one who opens the store, so he's often early. Other places, he's still quite punctual.
How do they respond to the random stranger in the street? Generally ignores them - though he might smile slightly at a little kid.

Winding down:
What they do during their own time? Draws and paints and reads, and picks up Shuichi's messes.
Dinner? fish, rice, vegetables - something cheap
Nightly rituals? Brushes his teeth, gets into some pajama pants, stares at his ceiling until he falls asleep.
Back to dream world? It takes him a very long time to fall asleep. He's considered getting sleeping pills.

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Suoh Kusanagi is the mystery hotty from the hit shoujo manga "Betting On Love"